JB as a young minister clubland-shield Welcome to this new website which has been created to preserve the memory of Clubland and of its founder James Butterworth.

‘Clubland’ was the name of arguably the greatest youth club in the hey-day of youth clubs, the mid-20 Century. It began in 1922, in rooms below the Walworth Wesleyan Church, in south-east London, where the Walworth Road becomes Camberwell Road, and grew and flourished for almost fifty tumultuous years: the Twenties and Thirties, the war years, the rock and roll years. They were the Clubland Years, and during them thousands of boys and girls, young men and women, and visitors from all walks of life passed through its doors. For all those who knew it, Clubland made a profound difference to their lives, and in many cases shaped their futures. At the same time it helped drammatically change public attitudes both to young people and to the less privileged in society.

First Chapel
The Clubland Years drew to a close, with first the retirement and shortly after the death of JB in 1977, aged 80. The Church continued to do fine work under successive ministers, catering for a different community and a different age, , but Clubland ended, as it had begun, with JB.

This is the official Clubland website, funded from the JB Memorial Trust and maintained by a team of family and ex-members. Its purpose is to provide an archive for social historians and any other interested visitors, and invites those who remember Clubland to contribute thoughts, photographs, letters, etc., and perhaps to contact old friends. Please feel free to comment in the box below or to email the team by clicking Making Contact.

Guernsey camp

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